I must start this off by saying that I am a Christian and that I am a recovering potty mouth myself.  That said I must admit there are words in a general conversation that I do not like to use or am offended when others use.  I could list them off but instead I would just say that you can imagine what the list looks like.

With that background and admission in mind, I feel like it is socially unacceptable to drop “f-bombs” and other swear words in most cases but its OK to drop the “JC’s” and “GD’s”.  As a Christian I take exception to this, I am curious why society seems so concerned about offending everyone BUT Christians.  I know I sound like I am nit picky but as a Christian I feel compelled to tell you that if you are with someone who is a Christian this DOES matter.

Simply put please watch your “JC’s” and “GD’s” and taking the Lords name in vain, its common courtesy.

Thank you!

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