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I am a world traveler with a ton of status – it’s not important where/when how that is/are stories for another blog.  As such I have a lot of experience getting upgrades on airlines & in hotels. I speak 3 languages and have traveled to more than 27 countries.  During a recent trip I thought it would help to write down a couple things that I do to help make my trip less stressful, more fun and most importantly safer.  This blog isn’t designed to tell you what points program is better, what airline or what better or even where to eat, rather it is to help you when you travel and the hope is that it makes it more secure and less stressful.

Security Travel Tips

  • Buy a laptop privacy screen. If you are not going to use one, then don’t worry about it but most people find themselves using one and these days most companies will even allow you to expense it. The 3M ones are nice but there are a ton of brands out there and a ton of research.
  • Buy a privacy screen for your phone – if they make one I would suggest – they make the most durable ones I have used, and their warranty is certainly helpful
  • If you are not using Bluetooth turn it off – I realize this may seem paranoid, but airports can be a haven for hackers or even folks practicing hacking – trust me!
  • Do NOT connect to free WIFI – there are a TON of articles as to why on this but simply put nothing is truly free and the free networks simply have less security. If you are absolutely needing to get online then use your phone and tether, many plans have rollover – don’t worry you will be fine and in the long run its better for you to pay and be secure than go on the cheap and pay for it through say identity theft.
  • When leaving your hotel room – make sure your door closes. I cannot tell you how many times, even in very nice hotels, that the door has not closed properly to my room and the front desk has NO Idea.  This is SO important is because if your door is open and someone takes something you simply have no recourse other than security cameras which don’t always have full coverage of hallways etc.  Travel insurance is great but even heard horror stories of travel insurance not paying b/c the door log – key card log – doesn’t show anything abnormal. – Better to be safe take the extra 5 seconds when you leave the room to confirm door closure
  • Do NOT use the free luggage tags – While they are great they are a good way to find an address of someone who is currently NOT home.
  • Traveling with Children? Designate one parent to be the ticket handler and the other to be the kid watcher.  Heads up if you are the ticket handler then you are also the gear hauler
  • If you are traveling and carrying a lot of cash – maybe a trip to a foreign country.  Make sure you separate out 10 percent from that and keep that in your wallet making sure the rest is put away in some compartment or money belt.
  • If you take a train, like the one in DFW, either stay away from the door or put away your phone at the stops.

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