To tell this story I must start with bit of background on this friend and how we came to know each other.  It was 2006 when I lost kuja, a dog that “could never be replaced”.  A year or so later I found Finn – short for McFinn – and after we learned to get along we formed what was the beginning of a lasting friendship.  Finn and I have been through a lot, from finding the love of my life to expanding our family.  His love of his family has never ceased to amaze.
So I tell you that story to share with you another story.  I was hanging out with Finn and just realized how grey he had become – how much grey hair.

I then thought about how much I had been whining about the grey hair in my beard.  After I had a moment of realization of how long he had been with us, I thought to myself that Finn simply doesn’t care about the grey and he isn’t letting it get to him.  Instead he focuses on how much time he gets with each of us and how many kisses he can give the kids, oh and of course how many crumbs he can lick up.
Sitting there thinking about this and reflecting a bit as the picture shows, I realized that the things we sometimes put and mark as important are not, being upset about my beard having grey hair in it is silly.. focusing on Family and friends isn’t :).  This is what makes Finn such a great companion, he reminds me to focus on what is important and teaches me new things all the time.

In short I wrote this as as “Thank you” of sorts to Finn a great friend and companion.

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